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Why Data Warehouse Automation is not more popular

I was working with a Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) tool for a little more than a year, and I have to say I loved it. As a BI developer you could focus on the challenges you had in dimensional modelling, what granularity should you have the fact tables and going crazy with the business requirements and everything fast, consistent and tested! But why is Data Warehouse Automation not used more often and more popular?

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) – Series

Very long time ago, 1986, 31 years ago to be precise, IBM in Europe created the very first architecture of a data warehouse. And it seems to be a masterpiece as it didn’t change much since. Though how can we improve or bring some innovation into Data Warehouse business in times everyone is talking about big data, data lakes, Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, Data Vault, etc.? No matter how we want to improve the architecture, it has to be automated as much as possible.

Saying Goodbye to WordPress, a Homecoming

A brief of history When I began my journey with websites, I started as many of us with HTML, CSS, HTML & MySQL running on an Apache Webserver. Those days I prepared all recurring code inside to include PHP files and had content either as HTML itself or dynamically pulled from the MySQL database. And how that looked you see in the featured image of this post 😉. Later, I moved to WordPress to make the page more modern, chose a cool template, adding templates and automatise a lot.

Email, and the way we (should) communicate at work

The first example of email can be found on computers at MIT in a program called MAILBOX, all the way back in 1965. Besides its advantages of sharing fast and in a direct way, there are several studies stating that average office workers receiving 110 messages a day. Given the fact that every interruption takes 20 minutes to get back, this is a major distraction and also adds to the overall stress.

Today’s Office – The Location Independent Lifestyle

Today’s Office is something I started doing while I was working on the road and working remotely. Whenever suited I took a picture from my «Office». Thus I’m sharing my best pictures over my latest few months, also because the independent-work-lifestyle resembles the way of working from many of us these days. If you want to go directly to the images, click here. What is location independent lifestyle? Firstly, what is location-independent-work or a nomadic-lifestyle?

Tools I Use – Part III

Tools I use part III will focus on increasing your productivity in communication, grammar, deep work or study, little notes and in Google Chrome. Some of the tools you might already know but hopefully not all the features as I try to elaborate on the most helpful once. Without further ado, please enjoy the tools below. Instant language Translation Around you Google Translate - play.google.com and itunes.apple.com As this is an obvious one to translate text, many might not know about the app having on-the-fly translation using your camera.