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This Blog focuses on genuine news about the data ecosystem. Topics covered mostly are: #dataengineering #bigdata #python #opensource #ETL. But I’m also writing about #productivity #everydaylife and others.

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This Blog is maintained by me, Simon Späti 👋. I’m a dedicated, empathetic, entrepreneurial data engineer with 15+ years of experience. I enjoy maintaining awareness of new innovative and emerging open-source technologies on this blog.

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Since my last update in February, I wrote an extensive post about Personal Knowledge Management Workflow for a Deeper Life that details PKM systems with my Second Brain, Zettelkasten, Getting Things Done. But I also added many chapters on getting a fulfilled life as it is tightly coupled with my PKM system. It’s under Deep Life with topics such as Stoic, Journaling, routines, reading news, and digital minimalism. I also recorded an audio track so you can listen to it on the go if you enjoy listening to podcasts and books. The audio has some hick-ups here and there, but hopefully, it’s still listenable 🙂.

I also started a new job at a company called Airbyte as a Data Engineer & Technical Author. I have already published two blogs, one re-published on Data Orchestration Trends: The Shift From Data Pipelines to Data Products and one on a Tutorial on Databricks.

On the other front, I’m still learning (neo)vim and enjoying the rabbit hole of customizing it. Just yesterday, I found a beautiful theme called kanagawa, which is a combination of the two famous themes gruvbox and tokyonigh. See it in action on my Reddit post.

Kanagawa Probably the Most Beautiful | Details on Reddit

Books I listen to lately that I recommend are The Psychology of Money, which is less about the numbers but the emotions behind it. It will help you live a happier life by treating money rightly. The best book I have read in a while is Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals is just a summary of all the best books about productivity and life. I think it’s a masterpiece and does not have one single sentence too much. Thoroughly recommendable if you enjoy music is The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music from Dave Grohl, the lead singer of FooFighters and drummer of the famous Nirvana band. Excellent what he went through and very inspiring. I recommend listening to the audiobook as Dave Grohl himself reads.

Another recently announced one is the newest book of Tiago Forte Building a Second Brain which I elaborated on a lot. I haven’t finished yet, but if you are a knowledge worker and taking notes, please read this book besides the podcasts and blog articles I recommended many times already.

This update was July 2nd, 2022.