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Tools I Use – Part III

Tools I Use - sspaeti.com

Tools I use part III will focus on increasing your productivity in communication, grammar, deep work or study, little notes and in Google Chrome. Some of the tools you might already know but hopefully not all the features as I try to elaborate on the most helpful once. Without further ado, please enjoy the tools below.
Instant language Translation
Around you
Google Translate – play.google.com and itunes.apple.com

As this is an obvious one to translate text, many might not know about the app having on-the-fly translation using your camera. See how it work in the video.


Same goes for pictures. For example, as I am living in Denmark with not speaking Danish at all, I never had any problems reading my letters or anything in the shop with the native Google Translate. It sounds like a small thing, but if you travel or live in a foreign country, it can save your life!
Call or Video
Skype – Skype.com

Same goes…

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