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Email, and the way we (should) communicate at work

Old Phone

The first example of email can be found on computers at MIT in a program called MAILBOX, all the way back in 1965. Besides its advantages of sharing fast and in a direct way, there are several studies stating that average office workers receiving 110 messages a day. Given the fact that every interruption takes 20 minutes to get back, this is a major distraction and also adds to the overall stress.

I asked myself isn’t there a smarter way to communicate (discuss, argue, debate) at work? This is what I’m going through in this article.

Why email is so popular

Let’s start with why email is so popular and still used as number one communication in the vast majority of companies.

Some strengths and big advantages email has for sure is sharing fast and in a direct way to a number of people. It is location independent. A very handy feature, it keeps a record of all the…

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