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Data Engineering, the future of Data Warehousing?

Data Engineering, the future of Data Warehousing

Today, there are 6,500 people on LinkedIn who call themselves data engineers according to stitchdata.com. In San Francisco alone, there are 6,600 job listings for this same title. The number of data engineers has doubled in the past year, but engineering leaders still find themselves faced with a significant shortage of data engineering talent. So is it really the future of data warehousing? What is data engineering? These questions and much more I want to answer in this blog post.

In unicorn companies like Facebook, Google, Apple where data is the fuel for the company, mostly in America, is where data engineers are largely used. In Europe, the job title does not completely exist besides the startup mecca Berlin, Munich, etc. They are called or included in jobs like software engineer, big data engineer, business analyst, data analyst, data scientist and also the business intelligence engineer. Myself, I started as a…

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