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Today’s Office – The Location Independent Lifestyle

Palawan - Today's Office

Today’s Office is something I started doing while I was working on the road and working remotely. Whenever suited I took a picture from my «Office». Thus I’m sharing my best pictures over my latest few months, also because the independent-work-lifestyle resembles the way of working from many of us these days. If you want to go directly to the images, click here.
What is location independent lifestyle?
Firstly, what is location-independent-work or a nomadic-lifestyle? I would describe it as not being tied to a particular location for any reason. And why would you want this? There are several answers besides the obvious that you travel the world, learn from other cultures and meet amazing people. For me, it also about productivity when on the road I get into deep focus. While having a delicious coffee, I can get things done for 2-3 hours. Additionally, I get natural breaks during travelling or…

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