A small introduction about myself

Simon Späti

Data & Business Intelligence Engineer from Switzerland

.. with a flair for data science / passionate about data / curious in life

About Now (What is this, my little page there)

I finished my latest blog that I wanted to write a long time ago already about email and the way we communicate at work. Check it out and let know what you think in the comments below!

I also attended two courses on Udemy, one about Microservices and the other about open-source Apache Airflow. Especially the Airflow course I was blown away by the good hands-on experience that Marc is giving in the course. If you're into #dataengineering, please watch the short 3h course.

At work, I'm still going deep with Apache Druid. Every day I'm more fascinated about how the solution is thought through. Might write more blog post about it besides Open-Source Data Warehousing – Druid, Apache Airflow & Superset and OLAP, what’s coming next?, keep posted.

Two books I listen to recommend thoroughly. First is about life and it's called Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World, this book is truly heart touching and lets you re-think about today's world and donations. Very well written book. The other one is work-related and called It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work. It's written by the Basecamp founders and talks about the crazy work hours usually are suggested or heard at places like Google, Amazon, etc. to be able to achieve something. They tell you how you can tackle it otherwise.

The side-project with friends is still on-going. Check out our Instagram account wannabee for more info.

This update was May 1st, 2019.

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I can say i’m quite good at


10+ years experience


Full Microsoft BI stack and a couple of years in Oracle BI


Working with Data Warehouse automation tools and a strong personal interest in automation


Working all kind of open-source libraries in Python, or Apache products (Airflow, Druid, Superset, ...), and trying to catch up with all that comes out every day


Practical Data Science course with Rafal Lukawiecki, Hackathon in Toulouse and learning from fellow data science colleagues


Worked with many different tools: Tableau, TARGIT, SAP BO, Power BI, etc.

Work Experience

My previous associations


Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual AG

Data Engineer

- Design the data foundation for SmartAnalytics product
- Create data pipelines for Machine Learning use cases
- Ensure and implement a scalable environment for cloud and big data (Cloud Data Warehouse, Cloud OLAP systems, Cloud Services, Docker)
- Working with Scrum methodology with people from different technologies stacks as Database Design (SQL and OLAP), modern web technologies (Angular, node.js), ML (Python, Pandas, Tensorflow) and testing


Satair Group (Airbus subsidiary)

Data Engineer & Business Intelligence Specialist

- Design and development of Consolidated Data Warehouse from scratch
- Responsible for Master Data Services (MDS)
- Analysis and design of new solutions with BigData, Digitalisation, and predictive analysis
- Participate in development, implementation and maintenance of Data Warehouses
- Support User Organisation worldwide

October,2017 November,2017

Project Getaway

Entrepreneurial Business Intelligence Specialist

- Working on my ideas with 20 adventurous entrepreneurs while co-living together in an inspiring and luxurious location in Bali
- Project getaway believes in the dream of doing what you love, in a place you love to be, with the people you love to be with
- People signed up to share and develop ideas which will provide them with the skills, know-how and inspiration to execute those ideas


Trivadis AG

Consultant Business Intelligence

- Supporting the customer in design and implementation of innovative Business Intelligence solutions and data warehouse projects
- Understanding customer needs, fast interpretation of business models, optimal coaching and implementation of business and technical objectives of the client

Technologies and tools :
Microsoft BI development with SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, incl. MDS, DQ and Excel AddIns like Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map, Data Warehouse Automation (biGenius), ETL, Data integration with Oracle, SQL, and PL/SQL development


Hewlett-Packard (Switzerland) GmbH, HP Banking Service Center

Database Specialist Professional

- Software, Information Technology & Services
- Conception & performance of solutions in Oracle environment
- Loading transactional banking data (OLTP)
- Creating complex views with Oracle materialized views (OLAP)
- Database design (logical & physical)
- Tuning & performance, performing unit testing and code reviews
- Project work
- Maintenance of existing applications


aspin GmbH

Software developer

Automation, operational data logging, machine data logging, PHP programming, WEB development


Swiss Military Service

General staff officer planning


Computer science apprenticeship

At BKW I learned the base of computer science. I have visited the following departments :
- Service Desk
- Hardware
- VB Script
- Communication with Cisco Switches & Routers
- Server division with Windows Server 2003
- SAP basic level focus ABAP programming
- Thesis: Evaluation tool for Oracle DB with PL/SQL


What I have done in my academic career

March, 2017

Practical Data Science with Rafal Lukawiecki

Project Botticelli Ltd

with Cortana Intelligence, Azure Machine Learning, R, and SQL Server Data Mining


Bachelor of science in information technology

Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH

Programming, databases, software, operating systems, telematics and computer networks, systems engineering and project management

Bachelor thesis: Municipality cockpit: Maintenance management of roads. Technology: Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, ArcGIS, GIS, .NET, Grade: A (excellent)

Sep, 2015

MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional


Certificate: http://www.mycertprofile.com/Profile/9548859867/12/1519/share

March, 2015

Certificate Specialization Management

Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH

Proof qualification for the following modules:
- Business administration 1
- Business administration 2
- Marketing
- Human Resources: Teamwork and Leadership
- Strategy Management
- Technology and Innovation Management


Please feel free if you would like to have a chat.


Solothurn, Switzerland

Skype: sspaeti



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